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Working Papers

Contact me if you'd like to read an unpublished manuscript.

Rai, A., Chang, E.H., Kirgios, E.L., Milkman, K.L. Group Size Influences Perceptions of Diversity and Likelihood of Hiring Women and Racial Minorities. Under second round review at Organization Science.

Chang, E.H., Kirgios, E.L. Demographic "Stickiness'': Implications of Status Quo Bias for Inequality and Diversity in Organizations. Under second round review at Management Science.

Chang, E.H., Kirgios, E.L. When Does Diversity Beget Diversity? The Divergent Effects of Racial and Gender Diversity on U.S. Corporate Boards. Revise and resubmit at Strategic Management Journal.

Blunden, H., Kirgios, E.L., Rai, A., Chang, E.H., Milkman, K.L. When Flattery Fails: Documenting the Negative Consequences of Ingratiation for Advice Seekers. Manuscript in preparation for submission to Academy of Management Journal. 

Kirgios, E.L., Silver, I.M., Chang, E.H. Do concrete diversity goals attract or repel job applicants? Evidence from the field. Manuscript in preparation for submission to Journal of Applied Psychology.

Selected Works in Progress

Kirgios, E.L. The role of advocate identity and narrative persuasion strategies in encouraging collective action. Field experiment with 70k participants completed.

Kirgios, E.L., Rai, A., Waldman, G.M., Chang, E.H., Milkman, K.L., Small, D.A. Pay-It-Forward or Help Others? Analyzing the Impact of Pay-It-Forward Messaging on Charitable Giving. Field experiment with 9k participants completed.

Kirgios, E.L., Athey, S., Duckworth, A.L., Graci, H., Karlan, D., Luca, M., Milkman, K.L., Offer-Westort, M., Udry, C. Combating the Spread of COVID-19: Testing the Effectiveness of Quiz-Style Health Messaging for Promoting Behavior Change. Field experiments with 29k and 11k participants complete.